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Realising the Sun to be a limitless source of energy for planet Earth, we worked on products that work well in the Solar industry.

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Al Aziz rigorously designed and engineered products that are globally at par. We successfully launched products that help in lowering the cost of a solar installation while maintaining their durability and reliability. Working with polymers, we could not only impart functional benefits to certain products but also lower moving parts, reduce installation time and costs, simplified assembly on gradients, lower weight of the installation without any compromise on the strength amongst other advantages.


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Our Solar Mounts have been incisively designed to match the load bearing capacity of their counterparts in metal - including the PV module and the wind load. The product materials meet the test as per IEC61215 with a static load of 2400Pascals and Wind Peak Load of 180KPH. The product has advantages of long-life, non-corrosive, lightweight and easy installation.

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We work with large corporations, mid-sized companies and governments across the world for their projects in rural as well as urban areas.

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