What keeps us ahead
We concieve. We design. We execute.

Our obsession towards product and service excellence propelled us to pioneer pure design customization— a unique service to fulfill specific requirements of our clients.


Limitless Innovations

With curiosity and passion as the first few strokes on a huge canvas like the hardware industry, Al-Aziz’s stature and success took a great shape with fluid design & engineering innovations. Our constant endeavour to progress earned us an early ISO 9001:2015 certification and the coveted ISI recognition for our products. 10 product patents and an invite from Government of India to be part of the committee to set fresh ISI standards, stand testimony to our limitless pursuit.


Focused Efforts

Promising Future

The result of our 2 years of painstaking research and design development is our new water sprinkler for agricultural use. Made in stainless steel, this product meets the stringent quality requirements of global markets.

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Global Validations


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We work with large corporations, mid-sized companies and governments across the world for their projects in rural as well as urban areas.

Speak with us. We work together to better the lives of the people.

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