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Following its success in electricity products, Al-Aziz turned its attention to accessories for water distribution. The company perfected the design and manufacture of non-corrosive pipes that ensure a clean and speedy passage for the fluid cargo. The specially designed elbow joints maintain a seamless environment for efficient water flow.

The company set up an in-house testing facility to ensure stringent quality control, while its designers swung into action to optimize the design and quality of products for water distribution for both the domestic and industrial sectors. Acknowledging that size does matter, the company offers its water products in graded sizes, ensuring a perfect match to specific needs.

Al-Aziz upholds its adherence to international quality in its water accessories. All their products for water supply conform to DIN16962 standards. The company markets its water accessories under the brand name of Linx. The company is also currently the sole supplier to an Indian conglomerate that is one of the largest in the world.


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