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Launched in 1988, the Group began with manufacturing products for electricity under the brand name Presto Plast. Once established as the market leader in electrical accessories, the Group grew and diversified, adding finely crafted water distribution accessories to its premium electricity product range. Today, the Group is on the verge of launching an entire range of innovative products to facilitate gas supply, thus covering the full range of conventional energy.

The Group's professional and systematic approach won early recognition with the ISO 9001-2001 certification. It received the ISI mark that certifies consistent quality for its brands, Presto Plast as well as Presto Teak. Al-Aziz was the first company in its field to be granted the ISI mark for its products. Its credentials were recognized by the Government of India, which invited its representation in the government-constituted committee to set fresh ISI standards. It has also received certification by British Standards, thereby earning the coveted international BS-CSA mark. Its innovations resulted in the award of 10 product patents. Al-Aziz also pioneered push-fit joints in India.

With its winning formula of breakthrough innovation, design aesthetics, smooth functionality and international quality, combined with competitive prices to make its products accessible to all, the Group today proudly occupies the market leader's position.

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