About us
When curiosity is limitless,
the opportunities are;
When opportunities are limitless,
the possibilities are;
When possibilities are limitless,
the innovations are;
When innovations are limitless,
the commitment is;
When commitment is limitless,
the progress is;
When progress is limitless,
the future is.

Al-Aziz Group has fiercely embraced limitless since 1988 to revolutionize the hardware industry for the secure channelization of electricity, water, and gas.

Our relentless innovations further our dreams, initiatives, and interests.

We started with a tall dream— to provide complete wiring solutions for every conceivable need spanning diverse domestic & industrial applications. Driven by curiosity and a penchant for design & precision engineering, we pioneered the manufacture of high-quality electrical accessories— from launching casing caping to developing a range of push fit joints then unavailable in India and premium plastic switchboards. Our innovative design and sheer commitment have earned us the position in the electrofusion fittings for distribution of gas, compression fittings for water distribution and solar fittings, and over the years, redefined the industry standards; engineering and aesthetics blended in perfect harmony. We have emerged as the market leaders.

Al-Aziz Group

2, Nateline Industrial Estate,
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Mumbai 400 072. India.
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